Well it’s been a long year since I’ve posted anything here.. but it’s not because I haven’t been writing. Between studying at Uni, and keeping a chatty (and super helpful) personal journal, I’ve written more words in the last year than any other time in my life.

But it’s just that I haven’t been writing publicly. And I feel like I want to do more of that in this season.

So here we are.

And let me start by talking about some of my private writing…

Keeping A Developer Journal

For the course of this year, each workday I’ve kept a “Developer Journal”. It’s really just a scrapbook of the things that I have worked on each day.

Sometimes it’s documenting weird Angular stuff, or something I’ve learned about PrimeNG. It can be something I learned about refactoring or something I’ve read or realised in leveling up my professional skillset.

But often it’s simply documenting how I solved some problem that I ran into (with links to interesting stuff I discovered when I was researching it). Kinda like a personal blog but without the overhead. And super easy to search in later when I know the error message, but not how I solved it :-)

I use Microsoft OneNote since I can update it from client sites using OneNote online, as well as on my phone and laptop and everything just syncs nicely.

It’s been tremendously helpful to me - like a personal knowledgebase. I remember having friends who’ve kept personal Wikis back in the day - this is my modern version of that. But it’s also been useful to remind me of all the cool stuff I get to work on - and how much progress I’ve made on the days where I simply feel like “I’ve just got nothing done today.”

Highly recommend you take the practice for a spin for a week or two to see if it’s valuable to you.

Here’s an extract of the kind of stuff I write down. Have fun with your experiments!

(BTW.. feels great to be blogging again. Forgotten how much joy it brings me!)

Dev Log Extract from OneNote