Glen with Kangaroo

Glen is an Enterprise Java Software Developer, Trainer, Author, Speaker and Consultant who spends most of his days working on projects connected with the Australian government, while also running a developer training and recruitment company. If you’re looking for some cutting edge developer courseware, you should drop by.

Glen is the author of Grails in Action (now in its 2nd Edition) and has been developing in Grails since 0.1 and launched his first public Grails site (an SMS gateway) on 0.2. He releases tons of sample source and is the face behind sites.

Glen’s other projects include opencsvPasswordSafeSWT, and Gravl - the grails-powered blog engine that used to power this blog (sadly off-the-shelf was just a little better ;-).

He was a partner in a startup that produced the GMARC Risk & Compliance Software.

His current obsession is JavaScript and Node.js.