The time has finally come!

After several weeks of scripting and code samples, the day has finally arrived to click record and get this show on the road. We’ve started recording this:

Building Beautiful Angular Applications with PrimeNG

The good news is that I’m really happy with how this course has shaped up, and I think developers are really going to warm to it.

Inside this course we build a… TADA… Enterprise Timesheeting app called “Agile Times”. This app gives us a great showcase of everything PrimeNG.

We start out with learning about the Prime Grid system to create funky stats components for our Dashboard (thank you Font Awesome), then dive into a world of snazzy charting to get your motivated.

Charting our Dashboard

We then cover off all the common form controls people will want to use - all backed by Reactive Angular Forms to keep it real - along with matching DRY/low-ceremony validation techniques!

With some early wins up our sleeve, we dive into filterable, sortable, searchable, paginatable data grids. To make is a bit more real-worldy, but without the overhead of installing 3rd party Dbs, we back our grid with a sizeable IndexedDb (powered by Dexie) to give us that familiar ORM-styling querying that devs will probably be using. Plus we can marvel at Prime’s Lazy Loading magic which keeps it all zippy.

Datagrids with Lazy Loading

From there we head off into the less common controls such as Schedule, Trees, Google Maps, Wizards and Dialogs. Lots of fun stuff in there too!

Less Common Controls

Finally, we finish up by diving into some Advanced PrimeNG concepts. We dig into non-visual controls with Drag and Drop, explore how to Unit Test your PrimeNG app, and even dip our toes into the PrimeNG sourcecode to see how to work around things when you hit the wall.

I really hope developers are going to love this course - and that it builds some passion for PrimeNG.

For now, it’s time for me to get back to recording. I’m only just getting started recording, and I need to get this course shipped off to post production in two weeks time!

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