As you may know, I’ve been a big fan of PrimeNG for some time (and Primefaces before that!), so I’m super excited to announce that I’ve officially inked the paperwork and started working on a course for Pluralsight around PrimeNG.

Agile Times with PrimeNG

I’ve done a bunch of YouTube training videos before, but have always wanted to try my hand at the Pluralsight training thing since I’ve always loved their style.

Pluralsight really do have a super high bar for production quality, so I’m looking forward to stretching out and leveling up my online training skills - which will also benefit my YouTube channel!

I’ve spend today digging into the sample code for the Charting module, where I’ll be teaching charting “from zero to hero” culminating with coding up real-time, mixed style charts like this bad boy:

Multiple Chart Types with Dynamic Refresh

As a side effect, I know finally understand switchMap() in RxJS! So much winning!

Anyways, can’t wait to get started recording. Will keep you all posted on the progress over the next two months or so.