A few days ago I started a new series on YouTube called Ship Your Hobby Project in 30 Days and I’m really enjoying it.

One of the best ways to level up as a programmer is by having a side project. It gives you a great way to learn something new by actually doing (the best way to learn) - and also gives you an internal motivation bump through the exhilaration of shipping.

And I’m all about the shipping.

It's all about shipping

A whole bunch of people have been gradually coming on board and signing up for my Motivated Programmer newsletter to keep themselves honest and moving forward. And they’ve been keeping themselves honest by sending my their one-sentence app descriptions. It’s been awesome!

I’ve found the people signing up super positive and have been joining in the fun myself. We’ve just completed the lesson 3 on Wireframing and Just Enough Planning where we used e.ggtimer.com to smash through our wireframing and module planning.

Here’s my whiteboard version for accountability:

Wireframe and Minimal Plan for PuppyMail

If your GitHub repo is full of half-finished stuff, and you’re keen to jump into a community that is non-judgement, it’s totally worth hanging out with us. First step is to spend just 10 minutes a day and start working your way through Ship Your Hobby Project in 30 Days.

Can’t wait to show off what the students build next month. Super exited!

Let's Get Motivated!