Congratulations if you’ve made it this far. Today on the show we explore doing production builds, and deploying to github pages. Then we’ll share a bunch of cool resources (down below) for the next stage in your journey!

It’s our last show in the series! But not the last show for the channel, so subscribe today!

Thanks for being so awesome!

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Here’s the script so you can follow along at home:

[ ] First, we’ll do a production build

ng build --prod
ng build --target=prod --env=prod

[ ] Have a look at your tiny dist directory

[ ] Then we’ll deploy our app to github pages

ng github-pages:deploy --message "First official release of Twit-ng!"

[ ] Sit back and wait to be acquired

[ ] While we’re waiting to bathe in the cash, let’s explore some cool resources

[ ] First some free stuff…

[ ] You should subscribe to ng-newsletter - super interesting articles. Here’s a direct link to the current issue at time of writing.

[ ] If you’re into podcasts, the Adventures in Angular podcast is jam packed full of great stuff

[ ] If you’re into blogs, the Thoughtram guys are the gold-standard for black belt Angular. Super cool dudes.

[ ] If you’re after a book, I can recommend the ng-book-2 offering. Don’t really need the screencast bundle - but the base book offering is awesome (albeit expensive)

[ ] I’m seriously thinking about putting together a $5 book package that covers just the essential stuff that I cover in these 21 days. If you’d be interested, just thumbs up this vid and I’ll take it as a call to arms!

[ ] And we’re done. Thanks for 21 days of effort and positivity. You guys have been so supportive, I have learned so much!

[ ] Subscribe to the channel, I’m going to keep posting vids regularly (and I’m going to be doing a Git course here shortly!).