I’ve recently been doing a fair bit of Selenide for web functional testing at work, and have found it a lot more accessible than raw Selenium. I’d been looking for an opportunity to share my experiences when along came a “Lightning Talk” night at our local Canberra Java User Group.

Peter McNeil put together a fantastic night of talks, and the sponsorship team of Redhat, Nerderg and Peoplebank put up some absolutely fantastic prizes (I walked away with a $100 gift voucher for third place!).

Anyways, I did a quick five minute screen recording on the night to give you a very rushed live coding session showing you the basics of getting a Selenide test up and running. Selenide is a fantastic piece of engineering and an incredible time saver in getting Java functional testing happening in your workplace. Awesome work guys!

If you’d like to grab the source code, it’s all up on github. Enjoy!