If you’re around Canberra on Wednesday, August 12, make sure you drop by the Canberra Java User Group (CJUG) from 6PM where I’ll be giving a talk title “Maven is the new black”. Maven has really been gaining popularity lately in the Java ecosystem, so it’s a good chance to come along and hear what all the fuss is about.

Maven is full of features, but often a little short on “getting your head around it” material, so I’ll be giving a short 30 minute talk which just takes you through the basics of the core stuff you need to explore and gives you some demos of the benefits. On the list is a thumbnail sketch of:

If you’re keen to go a bit deeper and actually learn how to apply all this stuff to real projects, I’ll also be offering a one day intensive title “Maven Quickstart“ which I’m offering on October 22 in Canberra. It promises to be a really fun day with heaps of challenging lab exercises while keeping things fun and practical. If there’s interest, I’m hoping to offer it in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, since there seems to be a real shortage of Maven training options here in Oz. Talk to me if you have people in your space that could benefit.

Anyways, If you’re in town, see you for Pizza and Maven next week!