Sven and I have been keen for a while to run a small community-driven awards programme to honor those guys who’ve been working hard on the lists, on the blogosphere, writing plugins, committing, twittering and generally evangelising the platform, and we’ve taken the first step. Announcing the official launch of:

Groovy Awards 2008

If you head over to, you can signup, nominate people, and add comments to existing nominations. We’re running it for a month to get a good vibe of the community. We’ll be getting together with a few luminaries at 2GX to finalise the choices, and then we’ll arrange some small way of acknowledging the final list.

It’s my birthday today - so I’m kicking back with family! But I’ll be getting the source up on github later in the week as soon as I get some downtime.

What are you waiting for? Go nominate someone!