Eclipse Tip: Breakpoint on Exception

I’ve been starting to read up on Eclipse Rich Client Platform programming using the excellent RCP Book. Along the way they’ve introduced me to a few things I didn’t know about Eclipse itself.

One of the very cool things that I didn’t know about is that Eclipse will let you set breakpoints based on where an Exception occurs. This is going to be a huge timesaver! You access the option via the “j!” icon in the debugging window.

Getting to the option via the Breakpoing j! icon

And if you click on the “j!” icon on the right you are greeted with the magic dialog:

Adding a Breakpoint based on an exception

Select the exception type you want to breakpoint on, and you’re off and running. You can even choose whether you want to breakpoint on uncaught or caught versions! Very funky stuff.

This whole RCP exploration thing is actually looking quite promising. A lot to learn, for sure, but there’s some very cool stuff in there. I’m also really looking forward to tinkering with Groovy Monkey to do some RCP prototyping once I have a bit of an idea how RCP apps hang together.

Anyways, hope you guys all have a sensational easter! For those of you interested in exploring spirituality over the season, I can recommend Christian City Church as one of many great places to hang out over Easter. I’ll be in Belconnen.

Happy breakpointing!

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